Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Makenzie "George Costanza" Norwood

I hope we have some Seinfeld fans reading today.

Do you remember that episode where George gets dicovered as a hand model? He goes on a shoot and they make this gigantic deal about how beautiful his hands are. He gets paid for the shoot and then realizes how great it could be to make a living having pictures taken of his hands. He gets called for another shoot and starts wearing oven mits on his hands so that they don't get hurt. Well, he ends up burning his hands on a hot iron effectively ending his career as a hand model.

So you're asking yourself, "Why is Michael talking about an episode of Seinfeld?" This morning Makenzie was playing. She was climbing on her stroller, which she does every day. She fell off the stroller, which she also does every day. But this time she decided to break the fall with her face... her beautiful, potentially money makin' face. She's ok and was up and playing 2 minutes later but what are the people casting the commercial going to say when they see her nice new shiner? Cyndie's afraid they're gonna report us to CPS.



Blogger NBButterfly said...

Murphy's Law *lol*! Just make it into a cute little heart or star like rainbow brite and tell them she is a trend setter and she is bringing back the 80's. :) She still looks beautiful a little make up and wah-la things will be good to go.

2:59 PM  
Blogger david said...

At first I thought you had George Costanza confused with Joey Tribbiani...until I realized that it was Joey who met his hand twin in Vegas.

8:56 PM  

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