Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ryan and Christy

Yesterday I got to shoot Ryan and Christy's engagement pics. They were a ton of fun and were up for anything! Apparently they spend every Saturday hanging out at Toys-R-Us so they figured, "Why not shoot our engagement pictures there?" So we started the shoot off there, trying hopelessly to avoid the myriads of store employees. Seriously I bet there were 40 employees working and tons of shoppers too! Who knew Monday afternoon at 2pm was such a popular time to shop for toys?

After that we drove over to Laguna Beach for some downtown shots and then we headed over to Shaw's cove which was also unusually crowded. Honestly, who goes to the beach Monday night?

Other than the crowds, it was a great night. I can't wait to shoot their wedding in a few weeks.



Blogger Amelia said...

Hey-hey....I love the shots at Toys R unexpected, but so creative! Where is that gold tile wall? I love the way it looks! Another great session by the great Michael Norwood!

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Skyler and Marty said...

Wow! What a beautiful dreamlike wedding! We are so sad that we weren't there to enjoy your day with you. We miss you Christy! Thanks for sending us these pics they really made our day! You look incredible and it looks like it was a perfect day. Much love...

sky and marty + kids

4:16 AM  

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