Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back... Again

So I've been out for a while... I know. I've had many, many things keeping me away but 2 weeks is out of control. One of the things that kept me occupied for the past two weeks was my party. Ever since we moved into our new place we've been meaning to have a party. Just to get all of our friends over and have a good time. We've been in the house 2 months to the day and I've been out of town AT LEAST half of that. So its taken a little longer to actually get settled in than we thought. Well last night we finally did it. We had about 50 guests, mostly photographers, over and had the best time. We brought in a couple of sushi chefs to make fresh sushi for our guests, hired an awesome bartender to handle the beverages and had our friends (Karli, Gabby and Angie) over at Simply Mumtaz helping us out making sure everything went smoothly.

The sushi was incredible, the weather was perfect and the company couldn't have been better. After things started settling down my boy Becker broke out the poker chips and we got a little game going. About 10 of us played and after about 3 or 4 hours it ended with me and Becker splitting the pot and calling it a tie. I can't complain though... anytime I walk away from the table with more than I started with I'm happy.

I'm going to post some images I took tomorrow but Lan put together this rad video of the night so I thought I'd share it first. In order of appearance... Michael Norwood, (that's right... I linked myself) Candice Brooke, Bonny Pierzina, Brian Khang, Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire, Ryel J, Justin Lyon, Amelia Lyon, JD "Star" (haha), Ma5en, Tony Bisson, Aaron Dieppa, Regis Chen and Natalie Williams. Whoa... that was a lot of links.

There were a bunch more people there. Like I said, more to come tomorrow.
MNP house party
by: vPIP
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Blogger Regis said...


Thanks for an awesome party. You are quite the host. I think you should have a party like this on a monthly basis.

11:40 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

awesome party last night! congrats on the beautiful new house!

11:48 PM  
Anonymous [ b ] e c k e r said...

great party bro! congrats on the new pad. nice job on the poker!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Natalie Williams said...

Thanks for having us!! You guys really know how to throw a party!

1:41 AM  
Blogger BRIAN KHANG said...

Dude.. last night was awesome.. thanks for having us over.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Platinum Weddings by Kerrie said...

We had such a wonderful time! Thanks again:)

8:32 AM  
Blogger Jeret Slack said...

You know how to throw one heck of a party. All the hard work paid off. I had a awesome time thanks bro!

9:53 AM  
Blogger adi said...

Sorry to have missed it! New baby means for limited social life.

Next Time!


10:53 AM  
Anonymous FRED EGAN said...

AAAAAAAAAAnd I wish I could have made it out :(

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you Fred... looks like you had a sick party man, wish I could have come.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

i agree with regis!! you should host a party like this EVERY MONTH! ;)
thanks for being so bomb. xoxo...

9:19 PM  
Anonymous justin . lyon said...

NorWall! Thanks for the good eats, great times, and gorgeous conversation! Your casa is AWESOME, and we truly had a fun time. I am going to have to agree with the once a month movement that's been started.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

Let me know when your next party is and I'll fly out for it! Looks like my plane ticket will be money well spent. :)

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Meg Perotti said...

Looks a like a great time with great company! I'm up in Los Angeles... desperate to increase my photographer friends circle... perhaps we could meet up sometime!

9:44 AM  

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