Friday, July 14, 2006

So I lied... but I have a good reason.

Ok, I'm sorry. I lied about posting all week from Colorado but its not totally my fault. The internet access was intermittent at best and completely non-existent the last two days there. But I'm home now and things are getting a little more back to normal.

In other news... I'm shooting what looks to be an amazing wedding tomorrow at the RItz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. It will not be your typical wedding. The bride is Indian and the groom is French. It will be a traditional Indian ceremony where the groom will be arriving on a white horse! So many details to capture. I had the pleasure of meeting the families today and they were so great. It was really neat to see the bride and groom's families so close.

I want to thank Karli for giving me the opportunity to shoot this wedding. I wrote about my meeting with Karli a while ago and what a great person she was. She is really the coolest person and so great to work with. I'm so glad I get to work with her at Olivia and Jose's wedding in a month or so.

I'll post some images from the wedding tomorrow after I get home.




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