Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alicia and Blake... the engagement.

I hate to be late. I don't know what it is. Maybe something traumatic happened to me growing up but I'm habitually early. When it comes to meeting couples the same thing goes, I just hate to be late. Despite my greatest efforts on Sunday afternoon I was late.. and not just a little late, almost and hour and a half. I had an excuse but I still felt terrible. Who really believes people when they say, "um... I was late because there was a accident on the freeway"? Not me. Seriously come up with a better excuse.

Well, being that I'm a photographer I figured I'd document my excuse. I mean, I was an hour and a half late.... I had better have either some good solid proof of why I was late or a heck of a story. The old "the traffic was just terrible" excuse just won't cut it in this situation.

So here's the proof!

Travis and I eventually did make it down to Oceanside and had an awesome time and a really great shoot with Alicia and Blake. I had a lot of favorites from today so I'm gonna break it up into a couple posts. Check back tomorrow for some more images from the shoot.



Blogger Matt said...

These shots are fabulous...The composition on the red and blue building shots is outstanding...I have no better way to so it...so forgive me, but damn your good

8:34 AM  

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