Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 1

This post is a day late so today's post (Day 2) will be coming in a little while but I thought I'd fill you in on the first leg of the trip.  
We left yesterday (Sunday) and planned to drive up the coast and get to San Francisco to shoot the city before sunset.  Well, with a late start, a great meeting with my new friend Erin (more on that in a bit), and the extra time added by driving up the coast we didn't come close to that goal... and we hardly took any pictures.  We ended up getting into the city about 8pm so we headed over to Little Italy and ate at this really great italian restaurant, Mona Lisa.  After dinner we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge over to Saucelito to shoot the bridge and the city only to find it socked in by fog.  After that we headed over to my in-law's home to get some sleep.
This is Erin Reed (and Trever, Travis and me).  

Erin runs Studio 317, a great photography studio in Visalia.  She saw my post about the road trip and made the trek over to the coast and met us for coffee in San Luis Obispo.  We spent about an hour talking photography, business, kids... We had an awesome time.  Thanks so much for coming out Erin!  Can't wait to hang out again.

Here is the lone image you get from day one. Like I said... we didn't shoot much. I do like this image though.



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