Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Date Night

I took Makenzie out a few nights ago for coffee. She's so much fun. This picture shows a few things: #1. my beautiful daughter and #2. Starbucks brought out the Holiday Cups! Sad as it seems, here in southern California where we have no seasons, the holiday cups are one of the things that make it feel like Christmas time... atleast for me. After the holiday I promise to get back to regular posting (weddings, engagements... etc.) Also next week Cyndie and I leave for New York again for a spectacular "Christmas in New York" engagement session. Look for that soon!

Cyndie, Makenzie and I are having our first solo holiday tomorrow... just the three of us. I'm actually really excited. We don't really care that much for traditional Thanksgiving fare so we're gonna start our own tradition and make some really great steaks. A good filet beats turkey any day.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michael!
Just a thought..submit Makenzie the cute to Starbucks for possible poster girl potential! :)

I am with you about the holiday cups at feels like Christmas has come. It was 82 degrees in San Antonio today! A cool front blew in (Finally!) and we are down to 40 degrees tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of like 54. I grew up on the East Coast where we had seasons and my favorite time of year is Fall..leaves changing and breezy cool weather. Won't be happening here in the South.

Cousin Amy and kids are here, Andrea and kids come in tomorrow. I am flying out to Washington, DC to visit my nephew for the weekend. I am looking forward to a date of my own with a very cute 2 and a half year old.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ladies!!

Cousin Sara

8:54 PM  

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