Friday, October 12, 2007

Long Day 5

We just got in after a LONG day of driving. Portland to San Francisco. We unfortunately didn't take amy pictures today and even if we did the only Internet I have is my iPhone. So I leave you with an iPhone picture of some of my polaroids from this week. I'm just in love with them. With the right light they look incredible and have the sweetest vibe. When I get home I'm going to get some good scans of them so you van see them better but until then this is the best I can do.



Anonymous db said...

Polaroids, huh? Thought you were some kind of professional...heh.

I purposefully waited all week to check out the blog until after my Grand Opening on Saturday, because after working a week full of 14 hour days inside a walmart, the last thing I wanted to see and read about was your road trip up the west coast.

Some great shots here, my friend...hope there's an ex-roommate discount when the prints go up for sale. Oh, and I want an inscription to go with my autograph...gotta get my money's worth.

8:13 PM  

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