Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rock For Water

I had a shoot tonight in LA and afterwards Cyndie, Makenzie and I headed up to Studio City to hang out with our friends the Aicklens. Travis put together a tour called Rock For Water. The plan is to raise enough money to dig three wells in Sudan and bring clean water to hundreds of families. They're playing 10 nights and hope to raise $20, 000. Tonight alone they raised over $6000. Wow.

So not only did we get to be a part of bringing water to people in need, we also got to hear some incredible music. Since I just came from a shoot I had my camera. Here are a few images from the concert.

Travis Aicklen

You can see Tiffany singing some BGVs there.

Aaron Strumpel

John Mark McMillan

It was an amazing night. Click here for more information about the tour and to see where you can catch it.


Blogger Dogeared said...

Out of boredom this Saturday night, I went back to the beginning of your Blog, and started reading. It's amazing to see you've only been at this for 2 years this month (full time anyway) - you hadn't even quit your job when the Blog started! And now, weddings all the time, flying around to shoot out of state, being published, and knowing so many people to work with...

Anyway, if you ever want to remind yourself how far you've come, check the top post here Sometimes it takes a new person to remind you!

Congratulations on the 2 years!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Tiffany Aicklen said...

Hey buddy, thanks for coming out. This pics are rad, I need to get some from you:)

1:48 AM  

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