Friday, July 20, 2007

Another good night.

I'm sitting here working on images to blog from the wedding last Saturday and from the Trash The Dress shoot on Wednesday and I'm listening to some awesome music so I thought I'd tell you guys about it.

Last night I headed up to LA to see a great concert. My good friend Travis and I (no not the one that shoots with me, a different one) went to see Eisley and The Fray. Everyone alive knows who The Fray is. Their song "How To Save A Life" blew up after being featured on what seemed like every episode of Grey's Anatomy last season. They're a great band and put on a really fun show but they aren't the reason I'm writing.

Shooting weddings I hear a LOT of music. The music played at weddings is usually catchy, poppy stuff. The kind of music that is fun to dance to and it doesn't really matter if you're listening. Eisley does not play or write this kind of music. Eisley is a family band from my home state Texas. There are 3 sisters, a brother and a cousin in the band. They write incredible music. Not the typical, cookie cutter, dumbed down stuff you hear on the radio, real music. Real music by great musicians and just generally creative people. Its the kind of music that grows on you with every listen. The kind of music that, while not instantly accesible, offers more to the listeners that take the time to really listen.

Back in the day I was in a band and I had the pleasure of playing alongside Eisley. Not long after they toured with Coldplay, signed to Warner Records and have continued their steady rise to rock-stardom since. The bass player in Eisley is an old friend of mine so I was really excited to hear that they were coming to town. After the concert we hung out for a couple hours and caught up. I forgot my camera so no pictures but I grabbed one from their myspace page.

I didn't take this picture, Autumn DeWilde did. Check her stuff out, great rock and roll photography, and check out Eisley. They have a new single available on iTunes right now and a new record coming out in a few weeks called "Combinations."



Blogger tyler hoehne said...

mike, this is a really great picture! great job! where was that coffee shop? i will have to check it out sometime. oh and did you tell them not to look happy or was that just how they looked?

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