Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good night.

I got home a little while ago from an awesome shoot with one of favorite couples.  Melissa and Chester met Tyler and I down in Laguna Beach for a "trash the dress" shoot.  If you've never heard of these, its basically a really fun shoot where the couple gets dressed back up in their wedding attire and you head out and do things you would never do on wedding days.  Super fun.  Anyway, I'm so excited to show you guys images from tonight's shoot but first comes the awesome wedding of another favorite couple of mine, Risa and David.   So check back for that later tomorrow.
Good times.
As I've said before, "Blogs without images are pointless."  So here are a couple images I took the other night.  I always walk past our house right before sunset and see the golden light hitting it and the blue, blue sky in the background and always think, "I'm gonna take a picture of that someday."  Well I finally got around to it.  There's just something about the color of the house against the deep blue.  Pretty exciting huh?  Well I like it.
The second picture is of the sweet clouds that were out that night.  They were actually my reason for getting the camera out in the first place.  We get lots of sun here in Orange County, but rarely do we get good clouds.  I love clouds.



Blogger rowena said...

Just wanted to say hey, met one of your associates Travis at Cafe 320 and come to find out I know you! I've heard very nice things about you in the past through Crissy. You guys have nice work, I'll be stalking your blogs from now on haha.

Got Bless!

8:55 AM  

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