Sunday, February 03, 2008


It seems like everywhere you turn things are going green. Traditional light bulbs are being replaced with "Compact Fluorescent Bulbs," cars are are going from gasoline, to hybrid or even electric. You can even buy "green" household cleaners to replace your old favorites.

Today I went to the grand opening of the Green Event Studio. One of my favorite planners, Kerrie Underhill invited me to come check out what they are doing and to see their new green showroom. The Spiraled Stem and Foscari Events have combined forces to put together resources for couples and event planners to use in creating green, sustainable events. From sustainable decor to organic foods, nothing goes overlooked at these events and honestly you're not compromising on quality or aesthetics either.

Another one of the planning companies I work with and for quite often also has a "green events" division. Simply Mumtaz is one of the pioneers in the green events arena and is often called upon to speak to event planners about creating earth friendly events. I know a lot of people that do everything they can to help our environment but until now no one was addressing that in our industry. I'm happy to know some awesome vendors that are now.



Blogger Amanda Auer said...

Sorry I missed you! I attended Thursday's Green Carpet Event, not Sunday! :(

Hope you had fun!

12:55 AM  

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